Ice House Restaurant, Campbellville, Ontario


The Ice House Restaurant is in Campbellville, Ontario on Guelph Line Road just south of the 401. The food is typical breakfast and lunch fare — bacon and eggs, burgers and fries. People come here for the bikes more than the cuisine.

For a few years, the Ice House has served as a meeting place for members of the local Canadian Vintage Motorcycle Group chapter. Meetings happen on Sunday mornings in the summertime, but bikes of all kinds are coming and going most of the day. The town is surrounded by interesting roads that are sport bike haunts.

The food is reasonably priced and the service is friendly. My only beef has been that smoking is allowed in parts of the restaurant. When the weather permits, you always have the option of sitting outside to avoid it.

Photo by Arjun Mehta. Click here to view Arjun’s photostream on flickr.