Wellandport, Ontario

Deep in the heart of Ontario’s Niagara Peninsula are some country roads that are real treasures. As is the case with non-mountainous areas, some of the best roads follow rivers.

Wellandport is a small village on the Welland River (sometimes referred to as the Chippawa Creek). The river winds its way from west to east down the centre of the peninsula and joins the Niagara River at Chippawa, just upstream of the falls.

Coming from the west on Highway 3, you would continue straight through at Canborough where the 3 dips south toward Dunnville. Continuing east on Canborough Road pass through Attercliffe and then veer off to the right (south) just past the Robinson Road. Here begins what is called Creek Road locally because it follows the Welland River/Chippawa Creek for a few kilometres. It is an entertaining, twisty bumpy paved road that leads east toward Wellandport running roughly parallel and to the south of Canborough Road. Watch out for turning vehicles at the entrance to the Chippawa Creek Conservation Area near the midway point.

Many years ago, I lived in the hamlet of St. Anns north of Wellandport and thought this was my own private road until one Sunday morning when I almost literally ran into the entire local Ducati Owners Club chapter going the other way at one of the two one-lane bridges along the route.