Pine River Valley, Ontario

I was shown the road along the Pine River from Horning’s Mills, Ontario through Terra Nova many years ago by a friend that lived in Lisle just west of Base Borden.

The western end of the road in the hamlet of Horning’s Mills is just north of Shelburne, Ontario on the 124 (the old 24) on the way to Collingwood. The surface is rough in places and until a few years ago the final stretch to where the road ends at Airport Road was a brutal washboard and gravel mixture. It has since been paved.

The speed limit is the standard 80 kmph and drops down to 70 in a few places. This is one of the few places where a road follows the Pine River. A pleasant diversion, and if you are headed south anyway, you can take Airport Road for a ways and then double back west along the Hockley Valley Road to Orangeville.