Canadian Vintage Motorcycle Group, Paris, Ontario National Rally


I have been attending the Canadian Vintage Motorcycle Group (CVMG) National Rally — held faithfully every Father’s Day weekend — for quite a few years, starting when the event was still at the Welland County Motorcycle Club. When the organizers — the CVMG is devoted to preserving and restoring old motorcycles — moved the venue to Paris, Ontario I resisted at first but gradually grew to love the scenic location and the beautiful ride to get there. I loved it so much that I ended up moving to Paris, Ontario in 2008, partly because it has become a haven for lovers of classic motorcycles.

The rally includes all the usual motorcycle rally events — camping, dinners, flea markets, rides and prizes. I have always enjoyed the bike judging, which normally takes place at the conclusion of the rally as some of the more distant attendees are packing up to leave. You’ll find bikes of all shapes and sizes from every decade of the last century lined up for judging. The judging usually takes place Sunday morning, but check so you won’t miss it.

If you are a single brand devotee or have only been exposed to one side of riding, the event can be a real eye-opener. If you are from outside the area, the rally location is within striking distance of Buffalo, Toronto and Niagara Falls and could form part of a larger getaway.

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